EL34 Tubes 2022 – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide!

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The glowing glass bottle kind of thing at the back of the all-tube amp is called the power/output tubes. Just before the amplification of your guitar gets transferred to the speakers, these biggest bunch of power tubes help in delivering the signals. The role of these tubes is highly prominent. They help in shaping the sound … Read more

Behringer Pedals 2022 – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide!

Behringer is a German-based audio equipment company, that is renowned for its low-cost musical equipment. They have an astonishing range of pedals that compete with the best in the market. While expensive musical equipment was out of reach for many musicians, Behringer pedals came as a savior with their range of affordable gears for the … Read more

Gretsch Guitars 2022 – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide!

One of the classy brands of guitars is the Gretsch with its excellent build, sound quality and remarkable acoustic properties. If you are a newbie waiting to explore a fantastic guitar learning experience, then the following write-up is for you. Gretsch features a wide variety of guitars in various price ranges. To buy the best … Read more

Best Microphones for Classical Guitars 2022


Classical guitar is considered one of the best sounding instruments. There are several methods for the placement of a microphone for capturing the magnificence of a classical guitar. Several microphones can generate the sound of perfectly rehearsing classical guitarists. But you need to choose the best one for your use if you want to record … Read more

Best Microphones for Violin Recordings

best microphones for miking violin

Violins are stringed instruments that produce a very beautiful sound. To enjoy it, the sound must be heard well in any orchestra. But it’s not easy to capture the full sound. Unlike the past, when it was difficult to amplify the volume of any instrument, now the latest technology allows it to do it ‌easily. … Read more